Don’t be Jerky!

Big thank you to McKenzie’s Therapeutic Massage for attending last nights meeting and explaining the importance of stress relief 💆‍♀️ and hydration 💦 ! ⬆️ Stress leads to ⬆️ cortisol levels which leads to unwanted weight gain 😭, BUT let’s talk hydration and it’s importance to your muscles 💦
We know that water is important for weight loss, but have you thought about the effects it has on your muscles? In the image below you see a piece of juicy steak 🥩 that is well hydrated, which makes it pliable and tender. On the right, you have jerky which is dehydration which causes the meat to be brittle and extremely tough. Take this moment to check in and see how your body is feeling. Muscles that are not properly hydrated can cause cramps, stiffness, cartilage wear, and even friction in your joints. Moral of the story… Get that water in and be a juicy steak. Not jerky!

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