The Worlds Most Innovative Cryo-Aesthetic treatment system

How It Works

CryoSlimming cools a targeted area of the body using carbon dioxide to stimulate a natural body response. This is called thermal shock. The body’s response to rapid cooling causes:

Cryo Body-Slimming

Lose inches in a single treatment

Cryo-Facials (Frotox)

Tighten loose skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles

Massage Treatments

Muscles are loosened and easier to manipulate

Cryo Energy Boost

Boosts energy levels and improves mood

Cellulite Smoothing

Reduce appearance of cellulite

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Ongoing increased levels of micro-circulations (as the body aims to restore balance) lead to calories being used to maintain this metabolic surge.

As a result, the body’s metabolism is increased and can lead to weight loss.

Great results can be achieved for weight loss and cellulite reduction when CryosSlimming treatments are combined with TransformMe’s other services.

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